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Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone appropriates another's personal information without their knowledge to commit theft or fraud. Identity theft is a vehicle for perpetrating other types of fraud schemes. Typically, the victim is led to believe they are divulging sensitive personal information to a legitimate business, sometimes as a response to an email solicitation to update billing or membership information, or as an application to a fraudulent Internet job posting.

Here are some pointers that will help the 911 Dispatcher help you:

  • Tell the dispatcher what service is needed - Police or Fire
  • The dispatcher will ask you a series of questions:
  • Where is the Emergency?
  • What is the Emergency?
  • What are the directions to the location of the incident?
  • You will be asked pertinent questions about the emergency situation. It is important that you give the dispatcher all the information available. This will enable them to prioritize the call, send the appropriate personnel and send them as quickly as possible.

REMEMBER - Your remaining calm helps us to help you.

If you needed help, would your child know how to call 9-1-1 and give directions to your house?
Know and teach your children the following:

  • Your phone number.
  • Your physical address
  • Directions to your home from the nearest main road, intersection or major landmark
  • Write down your address and the directions to your house. Remember to include any key landmarks such as a school, church, restaurant or others. Keep this information beside your phone. In an emergency situation, you or whoever is calling for you may become confused or disoriented.

911 is for emergency calls only. If you know your call is not an emergency, please call a business or non-emergency number

Some of the more frequently called non-emergency numbers are:

Palmer Police Department.....745-4811
Palmer City Hall.....745-3271
Wasilla Police Department.....352-5401
Wasilla City Hall.....373-9050
Alaska State Troopers.....745-2131
TTY to Palmer Police (for hearing-impaired callers with TTY machines).....746-3737
Mat-Su Pre Trial.....745-0944
Palmer District Court.....746-8105
District Attorney.....745-5027
Public Defender.....745-5660
Valley Hospital.....746-8600
Alaska Family Resource Center.....746-4080
Statewide Rape Crisis Hotline (STAR)...1-800-478-8999; TTY/TDO: 907-278-9988; Anchorage local number: 907-276-7273