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Master Directory

Jo Ehmann
Work Phone: 907-232-3763
Susan Fouch
Accounting Technician I
Work Phone: 907-761-1324
Anna Gabriel
Dispatcher II
Work Phone: 907-745-4811
Kimberly Green
Human Resources Specialist
Work Phone: 907-761-1302
Jamie Hammons
Work Phone: 907-

Sgt. Hammons grew up in Washington.  He served four years in the United States Marine Corps after graduating from High School.  In 1994 he attended the State of Alaska Public Safety Academy in Sitka and started his career in Police work in 1995 when he was hired by the Haines Police Department where he stayed for seven years.  Sgt. Hammons then left Haines to seek more opportunities for career experience.  He was hired by the Palmer Police Department in 2002.  His current duties are Patrol, Shift supervisor, Firearms Instructor and Armorer, Field Training Officer.

George Hoden
Work Phone: 907-861-8489
Tom Hoffman
Barbara Hunt
Work Phone: 907-315-3222
Shannon Jardine
Work Phone: 907-202-5634
Kara Johnson
Deputy City Clerk
Work Phone: 907-761-1312