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Found Property

To claim this property, you must be able to describe it and provide proof of ownership.  Please contact Palmer Police Evidence Technician Hilary Schwaderer at 746-9408 to claim this property.

Unclaimed property will be sold at public auction and the proceeds will be forfeited to the city general fund, unclaimed property, if money, will be paid into the city general fund.

The property must be claimed by the owner within 15 days after the last date on which this notice is published.

The finder will forfeit all of his or her right, title, interest and claim in and to found property or money unclaimed by the owner unless the finder files a written request with the chief of police for return of the unclaimed property within 15 days after the last date on which the notice is published. (Ord. 16-014 § 3, 2016; Ord. 522 § 3, 1997)

Found Property

Item Title Picture of Item Date Found Item Description
10-4-20 August 19, 2020

Metal roof seamer and handtruck 

Case PA20003800, please call and describe

10-4-20 September 26, 2020

Commercial grade paint sprayer and a hydraulic lift.

Case PA20004287, please call and describe.