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Landlord and Property Manager Information

Tenants come and go. It is the nature of the business you are in. It is also an unfortunate reality that these tenants’ moves can cause you great inconvenience, in the form of disruption of City utility services, time and money lost reconnecting service.

Often the result of tenant turnover is a disruption in service which requires the owner or property manager to take time out of their busy schedules to deal with the disruption.

The city is striving to make the process a little easier for the owners and property managers. Outlined below are the requirements for landlord accounts with utility services in the City of Palmer.

  1. All property owners renting or leasing their residential or commercial property within the city limits are required to have a City of Palmer business license. (PMC 05.04.010 (A)) Yes, renting your home is considered a business. The cost of an annual calendar year business license in the City of Palmer is $25.00.
  2. All property managers are also required to obtain a City of Palmer business license.
  3. Your rental income no matter how small is considered a taxable service subject to the City of Palmer 3% sales tax up to the first $1000.00 of each rental unit. It is the property owner’s responsibility to report and remit these funds to the city monthly. (PMC 03.16.040 (F))
  4. All property managers’ fees are also taxable service fees. Property managers must also remit sales tax returns and funds monthly.
  5. A landlord agreement is required for each property. This tells us what to do in the event that the tenant fails to pay their bill, turn off service or revert it to the owners name. The owner must at all times maintain an active account and the deposit on file will be put on hold. Without the landlord agreement should the bill not be paid or a new tenant not sign in when the old one signs out the service would be discontinued and a fee would incur to have it reinstated.

Please download the form listed in the below or feel free to drop by the office or call us at 907-745-3271, where we can answer all of your questions.