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Palmer Municipal Airport Leasing

The Palmer Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of Palmer. It is intended that the Airport be a self-sustaining facility, operating without support from the City’s general fund for its operations and maintenance budget. Palmer Municipal Airport's general objective is to operate, maintain and develop facilities that meet the needs of general aviation and airport users, to encourage private business, to maintain a viable financial position, and to promote economic development.

The Palmer Municipal Airport Master Plan, last updated in August 2016, governs the development of the Airport. The master plan establishes short, intermediary and long range needs and goals for the aviation facilities at the Airport and is updated periodically. The Airport is subject to and must comply with local laws and regulations as well as federal laws and regulations.

The goals of leasing airport property are to establish rates, be consistent with the Palmer Municipal Airport Master Plan, comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), State of Alaska, the City of Palmer regulatory requirements (PMC 12.08 and Title Seven Airport Regulations), grant agreement requirements, promote aviation and aviation uses, and establish leases that satisfy the needs of the regulators and lessees.