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Palmer Police Department

Palmer Police Department

The Palmer Police Department is an organization comprised of people of integrity, committed to providing quality police service to its community in an honest, fair, professional and courteous manner.

The focus of the department is the forging of a partnership with the community based on mutual trust, confidence, commitment and open communications to maintain and improve the quality of life and promote the safety and welfare of our citizens.

We, the members of the Palmer Police Department, collectively and individually pledge to grow and develop with the community. We will continually evaluate and modify our endeavors to address the needs and challenges of our community.

The purpose of the Palmer Police Department is to meet the City's objectives for the safety and well being of its residents. This will be accomplished through people and knowledge, our most valuable resources. In the pursuit of quality, we will be guided by the following values:

Respect  We will recognize the value, quality, diversity, and importance of each other and the people we serve.

Compassion We will care about others and respect their feelings.

Integrity We will be honest and forthright and endeavor to exceed ethical standards.

Efficiency We will prudently conserve our resources.

Leadership We will work together to set an example through leadership that embodies respect, compassion, integrity, and efficiency.