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Records Request

Access to City Records

A public record includes any book, paper, file, account, writing, including drafts and memorializations of conversations, and other items, regardless of format or physical characteristics, that are developed or received by a city agency, or by a private contractor for a city agency, and that are preserved for their informational value or as evidence of the organization or operation of the city agency; “city record” does not include a proprietary software program. The public has the right to inspect any public record of the city of Palmer, that is not exempt from disclosure, per Palmer Municipal Code (PMC 2.90).

Role of the City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk's Office has delegated the role of records manager for the city of Palmer. The City Clerk develops and manages the records management program in compliance with the PMC and state of Alaska Law.

How to Make a Public Record Request

You are entitled to access public records of the city of Palmer, unless specifically exempted by law, under reasonable conditions and upon paying costs, as set by the Fee Schedule, associated with the release of the record. To request a record, the public needs to submit a Records Request Form to the City Clerk's Office by email or submitting in hard copy form.  Requests and questions can be made to the City Clerk's Office at (907) 761-1312 or by email at

State of Alaska Court

The Alaska Court system is through the State of Alaska. Please contact the State of Alaska Palmer Court for court records at (907) 746-8181.