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Solicitor's License Application

Information for Door-to-Door Solicitors

Before soliciting business in the City of Palmer, you must obtain a city of Palmer Solicitor License, Solicitor License Photo Identification Card, and you (or the company you work for) must obtain a City of Palmer Business License. Please click on the form listed below or you may obtain them from Palmer City Hall located at 231 W. Evergreen Avenue, Palmer. Please fill out the applications and bring them along with all required attachments to City Hall.

Please note:

  • If you work for a company, you must submit a copy of the company’s City of Palmer Business License with your Solicitor License application;
  • If you are the owner of the company or your company does not have a business license, please complete the required City of Palmer Business License application and submit the required $25 business license fee and $50 Solicitor License fee with your application for a Solicitor License. If your Solicitor License application is denied and you will not be conducting any other type of business in Palmer, the $25 fee for a City business license will be reimbursed to you. Please note: the $50 fee for a Solicitor License is non-refundable;
  • Once you have submitted your application for a City of Palmer Solicitor License, the Chief of Police will conduct a background investigation and has ten business days to complete the investigation. When the investigation has concluded, the Director of Finance will notify you of the outcome. If there are no issues, both your City of Palmer Business License (if applicable) and Solicitor License will be issued. If there are issues, your Solicitor License will be denied and the Director of Finance will provide you with written notice stating the basis for the action.

When your licenses are issued, you will be given information on how to make an appointment with the Police Department, who will issue you a solicitor license photo identification card. The licenses and photo id must be carried at all times and you must show it when requested by any police office, city official, or person solicited.

There are certain prohibitions while soliciting. No solicitor shall:

  • Ring the bell or knock on the door of, or attempt to gain entrance to, any residence before nine am (9:00 am) of any day or after eight pm (8:00 pm) of any day.
  • Solicit at any residence or at any business where there is a sign indicating “No Solicitors”, “No Peddlers”, “No Trespassing”, or any similar indication that solicitation is not desired by the owner, lessee, tenant, agent or occupant, unless expressly permitted by the owner, lessee, tenant, agent, or occupant of the premises.
  • Continue to solicit a person after the desire not to be solicited has been expressed.
  • Intentionally obstruct the free movement of any person or vehicle.
  • Refuse to leave any residence or other private property within the City when requested to leave by the owner or occupant, or agent of the owner or occupant.

All persons purchasing goods or services from you retain the right of revocation. This means:

  • A contract for the purchase of goods or services in the amount of $10 or more from a solicitor soliciting a door-to-door sale shall require, as a condition of taking effect, that the purchaser shall have the right to revoke the offer to buy within five (5) days from entering into the contract, and the solicitor, at the time of sale shall give the purchaser written notice of the right to revoke. The right of revocation shall be exercised pursuant to AS 45.02.350, as amended, to be effective.

The City retains the right of revocation or suspension of your license. Please see Palmer Municipal Code Chapter 5.13 for more information. You may call 907-745-3271 for further information.