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Warren "Bud" Woods Palmer Municipal Airport

The Warren "Bud" Woods Palmer Municipal Airport mission is to provide a safe, efficient and customer-focused airport to serve aviation needs in the South-central region of Alaska, and continue to expand aviation related businesses on the airport. Be self-sustaining and an economic development hub for the City of Palmer, and provide quality services to residents. 

Airport Features

  • 6008 lf main runway (16/34) with non-precision circling GPS IFR approach, Pavement Classification Number: PCN ( 34/F/B/X/U )
  • 3617 lf cross wind runway (10/28) non-precision GPS IFR approach, Pavement Classification Number: PCN ( 7/F/B/X/U )
  • 1560 lf gravel runway (16/34)
  • Small aircraft transient parking (Apron A) and Large aircraft parking (South Apron) available for day use and overnight parking
  • 24 hour fuel availability on the north and south ramp and fuel delivery and ground support with prior arrangements
  • Aircraft parts store with on field maintenance available
  • Flight Seeing/Air Cargo Charters
  • More logistical information:

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