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Forms & Applications

1985 Development Standards
2020 Annual Business License
2020 Biennial Business License
2020 City Pay Plan
2020 Contractor Sales Tax Exemption
2020 Non-Profit Sales Tax Exemption
2020 Owner-Builder Sales Tax Exemption
2020 Sales Tax Exemption Outside City Limits
2020 Special Event Business License
2021 Alaska State Fair Business License
2021 Annual Business License
2021 Biennial Business License
2021 Special Event Business License
Absentee By Mail Ballot Application
Accessory Dwelling Unit Application
Alaska State Fair Sales Tax Remittance Form
Appeal of Purchasing Officer's Decision Form
Application for Dog/Cat License
Banner Permit Application
Board/Commission Application
Building Code Enforcement Information
Building Inspections List
Building Permit Application
Business License & Sales Tax Closure Form
Class A/B/C Burn Permit Application
Code Violation Involving Property Complaint Form
Community Center (Depot) Application Packet
Community Center (Depot) Fee Schedule
Conditional Use Permit Application
Council Grant Application
Driveway Permit
Election Official Application 2020
Election Recount Application
Employment Application
Explorer Post Application
Extra Patrol Watch Request
Home Occupation Registration Form
Hydrant Testing Notice 2020
Initiative and Referendum Petition Application
Itinerant Vendor Permit Application
Large Retail Establishment Application
LID Petition
Locate Request Form
Meter Size Request Form
MTA EC Alcohol Questionnaire & Special Regs
MTA EC Ice Schedule Request Form
MTA EC User Agreement
Noise Permit
Nominating Petition Information Form
Paid-On-Call Responder Application
Pavilion (Downtown) Reservation Request
Pavilion (E) Reservation Request
PMA Lease Application
Police Officer Pay & Benefits Overview
Political Sign Permit Application
Public Works Service Request Form
Recall Petition Application
Records Request for Public Information
Recreational Burn Permit Application
Residential Fence Permit Application
Road Closure Permit
Sales Tax Exemption Request Form for Residents and Business Outside the City
Sales Tax Remittance Form
Short-Term Rental Application
Sign Permit Application
Soccer Field Use Agreement
Solicitors License Application
Special Activity Permit Application
Special Event Sales Tax Remittance Form
Temporary Building/Structure
Tie Down Space Application and Permit
Utility Permit Application
Valid Nonconforming Determination Application
Variance Request Application
Water/Sewer Inspection Request Form
Zoning Map Amendment Application